NEW~ Aquiesse Candles


10oz.  100hours


AQUIESSE Classic Candle Collection uses a proprietary soy wax blend that provides the perfect canvas for their artistic fragrance creations. Made with organic soybean oil & carefully selected lead-free wicks.


 AQUIESSE (pronounced 'ä-kwe-'es)uses designer nature-inspired fragrances made with the highest-grade essential oils and natural ingredients, concentrated perfectly to quickly scent your space without overpowering. AQUIESSE uses a proprietary wax blend made from the purest soy and natural ingredients available for the best fragrance performance & saturation, and ultra clean and even burn.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards with the Sunflower fragrance from our Portfolio Collection

We wonder which AQUIESSE fragrance actress Tiffani Thiessen will enjoy in 2012! If she loved the evergreen scent of Monterey Pine, we suggest another woodsy fragrance like Embers

AQUIESSE has quickly become a leader in the home fragrance area, with an innovative, classic and timeless product line recognized for exceptional quality and value.

Coveted by the most discerning fragrance connoisseurs, chic shoppers and celebrities alike, AQUIESSE is distinguished in its mastery of exquisite fragrance compositions inspired by nature. Made in the USA.